A Dynojet approved POWER COMMANDER tuning center can optimize your fuel map or develop a custom fuel map for any specification on their Dynometer.

Approved centers have the latest dynometer with real time air/fuel module. They have also completed and passed a special training course at dynojet.

Full Bore Motorcycles are the Power Commander Agent and Dynojet Tuning Centre for the Wide Bay with over 6 years Dynojet experience.


Dyno Services

Custom Dyno Tuning

REGARDLESS of your ride or your combination- odds are it has not been properly tuned. On fuel-injected bikes {with the addition of a Dyonjet Power Commander}, we are able to do just that.

WE TYPICALLY SPEND UP TO THREE HOURS BUILDING YOUR CUSTOM MAP - optimizing your map from 2% to 100% throttle - from idle to redline.

This insures the best throttle response, midrange power, and, of course, the highest horsepower possible.

Other Services

  • All aspects of logbook warranty servicing

  • All regular mechanical maintence that's required

  • Tyres agents for - Bridgestone, Michilin and Dunlop

  • Safety certificates

  • Performance work

  • Motorex oil, motul oil